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Trish Ward

Trish Ward

Discover the Reward of Quality Service

Sale Success Essentials


Today’s competitive market looks and acts significantly differently than the market of even a year ago. To be truly successful, I:

- Manage a comprehensive marketing program.

- Use advanced technology that allows buyers full access to information on your home, around the clock.

- Automatically collect and aggressively pursue leads.

- Manage the contact follow-up that assures timely and effective response with home buyers.


The sales tools I use are the best available today. They help me do what I do best: Sell Homes!

Why do these technologies work?

- Buyers want 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to seller information by phone or computer. My system provides up-to-the-minute information on available properties around the clock. Buyers can call my toll-free telephone number and listen to full descriptions of all my listings (Home Tours by Phone); they can view listings here at my Web site, or they can request auto-faxed information on any property. Your home will always be highly visible to every interested buyer.

- My automated data systems obtain, organize, and optimize data on potential buyers, allowing me to quickly assess, rank, and contact the most likely full-price buyers first with the listing information they want. My ability to identify and attract the full-price buyer for your home far exceeds that of agents using old marketing methods.

- My coordinated marketing system makes it possible for me to respond to the needs and interests of potential buyers more quickly and accurately than other agents. I know immediately what information prospective buyers have requested from my toll-free number or Web site, so that when they hear from me I can provide them with exactly what they're looking for. Buyers using my Web site receive regular e-mail notifications of new home listings that match their search criteria--automatically! My marketing system is 100% proactive.

- I'm always available to potential buyers. My 24-hour, automatic, multiple-location paging system ensures that I know about every caller or Web site visitor contacting me - immediately. Being immediately aware of buyers means I am immediately available to buyers--and that means your home is immediately visible, as well.


Don’t waste time... With my coordinated system of buyer identification and prioritization, up-to-the-minute, 24-hour contact management and response, multi-pronged marketing methods, and technological capability, I can guarantee you the best opportunity you can find to make your home sale an unqualified success.


If you are like most people, you want to sell your home:

- Quickly

- At a high profit

- At little cost

- Without stress

My approach to selling homes is flexible and organized. I combine the latest technologies with traditional know-how to create a sales approach that is comprehensive, highly responsive, and effective. I will help you assess your home's value accurately, prepare your home to sell quickly, and attract a qualified buyer.


The right agent

Selling your home is a sophisticated undertaking. Finding the right agent is, too. Using superior sales tools and industry know-how, the right agent will ensure that the process of selling your home is painless, efficient, and profitable, instead of frustrating, time-consuming, and financially disappointing. I am that agent. I will help you make your sale a resounding success. My combination of skill, experience, comprehensive marketing capability, and technological advantages ensure that I can sell your home:

- For the highest possible price

- In the shortest period of time

- With your comfort and convenience assured

I have the tools to meet the demands of a highly competitive, modern market.


Risky business

Maybe you’ve thought about selling your home without an agent in order to avoid paying an agent’s commission. That commission, depending on where you live and what agency you choose, will be somewhere from 6% upwards. Handling your own sale means you will have to place ads, answer calls, and show your home to strangers at all hours—no matter how unexpected or inconvenient. Also, buyers who know you are saving on an agent's commission may offer less for your home, destroying any financial benefit you were hoping to gain. Serious buyers depend on real estate agents. 98.3% of the homes for sale are listed by realtors. And 70% of homes sold are sold through agent-to-agent communication. Using the right professional agent will make your home sale a better experience, and a more profitable one.